This place is for the solitary soul. You know who you are.

I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.
That way I wouldn't have to have any goddamn stupid useless conversations with anybody.

This site contains the ravings of a lunatic. Cheers.

Age: 25

Interests: message boards, internet culture, cooking, music, cosmic horror, and being contrarian.

Asuka or Rei?: Haruhara haruko

Fave Artists: TOOL, Streetlight Manifesto, All them Witches, Operation Ivy, The Pillows, Mass of the Fermenting Dregs, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Bad Religion, Gorillaz, Blue Oyster Cult, Daft Punk, the list goes on...

Current Jam: The Descendents - Hope

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Nothing exciting really happens around here...